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About the game

Minimal Freeman is an alternative version of the third episode of Half-Life in low-res style. This is the first post-jam version of my #Epistle3Jam project HL: Minimal Edition. The current build is a small demonstration of a gameplay with tons of improvements and new stuff such as zombies, climb mechanic, health-kits, etc.

* The game uses sounds from the original Half-Life.
** Secret ending track – "Run, It Might Be Somebody" 
by Daniel Birch.

Check out my Twitter if you want to see what I'm working on.



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Share your thoughts about this game. I really want to know if it is worth doing. And If you like it, any donation would be a great help for me to continue this project. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(61 total ratings)
AuthorAlexey 'cptnsigh'
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags3D, Fast-Paced, FPS, fps-platformer, Low-poly, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Sci-fi


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MinimalFreeman_0.1.p1_Win32.rar 19 MB
MinimalFreeman_0.1.p1.rar (Win64) 21 MB
MF_0.1.p1.zip 47 MB


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Bruh, my laptop had like 10 fps, how?

Very fun and awesome experince, the enemies definitely hit harder than Freeman, but still that is not game off putting, been 4 years since i played this game and i had to re-play it once again

Very fun, the enemies hit pretty hard but other than that it was a great experience and nice miminalistic look. I liked the mix of 3D world and sprite enemies.

this is the best game i ever played, thanks for making this awsome game.

good but need more ones changes.

Absolutely stunning what you've done here!

Very cool! Here is some gameplay i recorded. Feel free to use the footage for whatever

can you port that game to android?

Nice game , v2?

Very Interesting!


What is supposed to be the reward for getting all the orange boxes

secret Cutscene

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Great game! I would really like a sequel

Looks so cool! A Linux port would be amazing!

Such fun again, thanks for the nostalgia hit!

This is great! you should recreate half life 1 and 2


can you port that game to android?

So this is half life 3 in a pixel art style

Plz make more! I really like this game and  hope there will be an update or new game of it.

is this game dead or something because no devs responded in the comments and the version is 0.1 so if you are currently working on an update please tell me



If it does happen.

I would REALLY like to see what happens next.

loved this game the. enjoyed it very much!


good game come on

Need a Linux binary

VR version would be amazing( I know it is very hard)


Can you tell us how to open the console? I want spawn a ton of zombies.

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Plz when the 2nd version is coming  (i know you are developing Outlaw racer)


super fun game


The mixture between the 3d world and the pixel is very interesting. 

I would like see more ;)

J'adore !

Deleted post

Gave it a go...

Dope Game ! eagerly waiting for next one! i would give 10/10 :)

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hey so is there a reward for collecting all the orange boxes?

edit: just relised the reward :P sorry

Created an account and supported the game just to see where it goes. If you couldn't tell, I love whats been done so far and anticipate what's to come. 


Hey dude, great job with this little gem. I've enjoyed every second of it.  Game was really good and I would love to see it expanded, here is my play-through of it. I'm a not huge fan of half-life, but it's really cool tho. Keep it up!


Hey, great job with this little gem.  I've taken a liking to your game, and I realized it had such great potential for speed running.  I have probably played this game more than anybody else (besides you, of course), and let me tell you, I've enjoyed every second of it.  Keep it up! I'll be posting an in-depth glitch/exploit showcase in the near future, so please do keep updated. Please don't be offended by this in any way, I mean to break your game in the most sincere way possible ;)


haha this is so cool :D 

Great speedrun, Dooboofloo!

really good job 

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