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This is Good Game.

This is very hardcore. Though i did beat it first try it was really hard not only, because the headcrab zombie's reach is too big but also because i wasted tons of amunition trying to crouch and shooting instead. This game left me in complete despair multiple times, one of them i had 6 hp and i saw a headcrab zombie so i started searching for a medkit then i finally found it tried to use it but it turned out to be an orange box instead. Not that I didn't want the orange box, but in that situation it was not helpful.

I would have donated but Im out of moneys..... I feel like you deserve moneys from me but I has none :/

What if Half-Life and Duke Nukem had a baby? It'd probably be like Minimal Freeman, a fast paced game using 2D sprites of Half-Life enemies and weapons, while being faster pace similar to Quake and Duke Nukem. Check out my gameplay video here:

Correction: Doom meets Half-Life, not Nukem Dukem

Deleted post

It's amazing work ! I love MF ! Maybe a sequel ? 

Keep up the good work ! 

This was pretty cool.  I also dig the 3D/2D artstyle.  That being said, I only have a few nitpicks/suggestions:

- I assume this is already planned, but if it isn't, please add the option to adjust the mouse sensitivity.  Hair-trigger aiming isn't for everyone, so the ability to customize it and tone it down would be greatly appreciated by many players, including myself.  Also, customizable controls in general would be awesome.

- The Headcrab Zombie's attack range seems a little large.  I got swiped by one even though it looked as if his attack should have missed.  Also, the frequency in which the enemies can attack can be a pain to fight against sometimes, especially if you get slapped into a wall.

- It kinda sucks that you can't climb onto movable boxes, but if it's simply not possible due to the engine/physics, then I can understand that.

- While on the subject of movable objects, the ability to simply place something down in front of you instead of chucking it full force would be nice.

Other than that, this was a fun little demo, and I'm looking forward to playing more.  Keep up the good work!


Thank you for your feedback!

- Yep, the sensitivity in the list. You can rebind all keys in the Input tab (in the configuration window)

- Yeah, I'll try to make zombies more fair to deal with

- Done it! : ) 

- I'll think about it

Liked this quite a bit. I think it has a lot of potential. However, I do think their needs to be more health and check points:

This is nice! I streamed it :D

PLZ KEEP WORKING ON IT!!! I had such a blast and so much nostalgia in this game!

So much secrets in such minimal game.

It was awesome. It might need some Check Points, I quit after being killed by the tentacle guy that smashes stuff because I didn't want to play the whole thing over again just to have another shot at learning how he fights. It was great though, it's definitely worth continuing.

This was super fun to play!

Hey where do i get the gun?

Here is the first place where you can find it : )

Ari gato


This was very fun to play! The demo was very fun to play!  Can't wait to play the full version of the game when it comes out!


This is the first game I played here on itch, and it was a good time. All of my friends really liked it too

this was awesome if you made a series of these I'd totally play them. but seeing how this was a demo I don't expect you to do that. I do know game development is hard.

Hey, I love this! I hope it's okay, I made a post about it on the half life subreddit.

It is okay and totally appreciated in fact 😌

Rars won't open in either Winrar or 7zip

It's odd 🤔

Try to download

Now works

Deleted post

So did SCRAM die?

hey anyone know how to open .rar files my pc wont open them

Hi, bearman101!

Try WinRAR

got both endings and it's a great game. 10/10

Hey there, love the game I like to see something like this built and I know a lot of people on the channel will love it.  If I see this on gamejolt I will support it there too.  Look forward to the full version.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Really cool remake of the half life game. i love the art style and it feels great.


2d 3d Game Best game ever

a fun little game i died once then finished it..cant wait for more

Fun and short little game! I was missing some music tho so I added it in post production.

Loved this game - Super fun!  Thanks for making this and I look forward to future update!


I LOVED Half Life: Minimal Edition, and was ecstatic to see you're still working on it!  I ran into an issue (that might've just been me being dumb) where when my ammo was fully depleted from the pistol, I couldn't drop it, change to my crowbar, really get more ammo or anything with it.  Regardless, still lovin Minimal Freeman!

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Thanks for the awesome video! Usually, It scares me to watch somebody plays my game because of the bugs and flaws in design. But your let's play made my day :D

The weapon can be changed with the mouse wheel. Or by numbers if you download 0.1.p1

Ayy, glad ya liked it!  And thanks for the heads up on the weapons, I figured I was probably missin something somewhere :P


Fun game, excited to see it develop! Need to hide (lock) the mouse cursor. The mouse keeps running away from the screen (I have multiple monitors) and it clicks out.

Also, gamepad right analog support? 


Oh, the cursor must be locked. But I did an additional check on unpause. Also, I added a right stick support and some other missing buttons. Haha, very unusual on the gamepad :D

Tasty jam. I'd love the parkour feel explored further.


Great to see  your previous game jam leading to MF. Keep it up. The ending is enticing. :) 


Thank you!

Hmm, it seems I should hide secrets better )

I want more!!!!

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Hi, nice concept

I found some bug, and need to be done mouse lock in windowed mode


Hey dude, this game is neat, but could you make a mac version once you finish it.

I would totally buy this game for 5$!



Hey, I had a play and did a video for you guys and I'll be honest, I'm a massive Half Life fan (I have the original disks)and I thought this was really good.I liked the style of the game. The idea of the orange books as secrets and the overall feel of the game.

 I was really crap at playing the game but that was my fault becuase I was little tired (long day at work) but tomorrow is a different day. I really do want to venture further into this to see how it plays and has developed.

Thank you so much for this DEVS.


Thank you for the video and feedback! 
Oh, I screwed up a bit, the boxes are almost invisible in the environment – you can find something useful in them (pistol ammo in a room at 1.5 for example). It can help : )

Ah cool. I'm going to go play.



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