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This is the original Shady Knight prototype made for 7DFPS jam. Follow me on Twitter to get the latest news about the project and its development process  @cptnsigh

Sound effects obtained from zapsplat.com


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super cooool

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very good game I hope Full Vesion release coming soon


just finished, this was really cool but sad it was so short

is this the messiah game that people love?

Anyone else here from dani's video on re-run?



this game is better than some triple a titles cant wait for the full release


(get the game and look down you'll see)

Really nice. In the "dark messiah" vibe.

very epic


what the point of jumping and attacking to kill an enemy while the enemy dosen't have to jump to kill you? (no offence)


I really wish there was a full game. This has some really nice potential.


the full game is coming on steam this a replic

Okay. No need to downvote.

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This is a solid prototype, and the work on this game is amazing, which I'm sure the full game will reflect. Not sure why escape exits the game though...

lol even fnaf does that I'm so confused y..... just realised there is no point to this comment

You're right there is no point, but this game is pretty cool.

Fantastic movement

Pretty good, gotta say though that the lack of limits on where you can look makes the whole thing super disorienting.

its awesome. is there a release date or a is it still TBA? i am already excited

so cool


The game is brilliant! And from what I see on your Twitter, it's coming along to be a Superhot-esque game with a really cool medieval twist. This Itch.io prototype alone has a really awesome combat system and I'm looking forward to see the full game come out.

Feels like a mix of Dishonored and Sword With Sauce to me.


this game is so fun, I would love to see more of this

hey man really enjoyed the game! I would love to see your talent in level design and mechanics making to see a game like this in a full project.

This is Hecking good, 

muito legal 

This was a fun little game. Enjoyed it very much.

Hey, be a real hero and leave this up when you decide to release Shady. It is a nice piece to reflect on and the prototype itself is brilliant!


Thank you! : )
Yeah, sure thing. It'll be interesting to see how much the game will change with time

Do you fence? I noticed the A.I. plays with distance and timing, this is the challenge I've been looking for!

Good game, great fighting mechanics.

Hello :)
After I saw this project  and since I myself am a fan of Dark Messiah( very cool game), I was inspired to choose this theme for my portfolio project. Your project looks cool :) Also if you want to see what I'm doing, you can take a look on my twitter page :) 


A full game of this would be amazing.

awesome game you should put levels in it 

Great work!  :)

Really enjoyed playin this violent little hack and slash even though I probably came nowhere near actually finishing it I still had a lot of fun with it

(and yes that thumbnail does mean im running out of ideas)

I love it!! 10/10!! Please add more levels.

If all the games of the Slasher genre were just as atmospheric and exciting, I would play it forever.

Thanks to the author for the great game.

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I would absolutely love this combat system in a fully fledged game, even just more of it / more to it (aka more offensive and defensive techniques). Regardless, 10/10, 10 minutes well spent

BRO I LOVE THE CONCEPT!!! i would pay for an endless mode!!!

It would be really sick if you added a sort of extra-gore option where there is actual slice physics and extra blood. 10/10 great game!

This is one of the most simple and yet charming games I have played, I could not help becoming overcome with giggles and laughter as I loved every second of my experience.  I love the game and hope it gets developed further!

do you plan on elaborating on this? so many great concepts already, feels amazing to play.

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