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Do you fence? I noticed the A.I. plays with distance and timing, this is the challenge I've been looking for!

Good game, great fighting mechanics.

Hello :)
After I saw this project  and since I myself am a fan of Dark Messiah( very cool game), I was inspired to choose this theme for my portfolio project. Your project looks cool :) Also if you want to see what I'm doing, you can take a look on my twitter page :)

A full game of this would be amazing.

awesome game you should put levels in it 

Great work!  :)

Really enjoyed playin this violent little hack and slash even though I probably came nowhere near actually finishing it I still had a lot of fun with it

(and yes that thumbnail does mean im running out of ideas)

I love it!! 10/10!! Please add more levels.

If all the games of the Slasher genre were just as atmospheric and exciting, I would play it forever.

Thanks to the author for the great game.

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I would absolutely love this combat system in a fully fledged game, even just more of it / more to it (aka more offensive and defensive techniques). Regardless, 10/10, 10 minutes well spent

BRO I LOVE THE CONCEPT!!! i would pay for an endless mode!!!

It would be really sick if you added a sort of extra-gore option where there is actual slice physics and extra blood. 10/10 great game!

This is one of the most simple and yet charming games I have played, I could not help becoming overcome with giggles and laughter as I loved every second of my experience.  I love the game and hope it gets developed further!

do you plan on elaborating on this? so many great concepts already, feels amazing to play.

This game is amazing would recommend to anyone please finish... I really like this game... Can you add another weapon or arena mode please?

Probably already are...

SOOOO good!! i really liked it! thank you for adding an 32bitW version... really appreciated


i love this! :D i wish there were soooo many more levels and challenges! the swhole feel of this game was insane! :D great job on this awesome game :D 

So simple yet so fun. I really like the controls of the game. Killing an enemy feel so satisfying, especially the jump slash attack. I hope you make a full version of this game

really like the game very fun and very cool ideas cant wait to play more!!

I really liked the way this game played. The controls felt really nice, and throwing a sword is always fun. Great work :D

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 Bold claim


Thank you

So charming 😀

Its fun but after I beat it, the music kept going after the game closed.

Sounds like an issue you might experiencing with your pc rather than with unity. Could you find and close the process?

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I didn't. But I still do love the game. It is a lot of fun and addicting.

This is pretty much one of the coolest vertical slices I have ever tried.

To be honest the idea behind them just being cubes actually adds to the game.

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a parte mais difícil, e a escalada com as espadas

O jogo é muito bom


Really enjoyed it, although I couldn't get past the room where they keep spawning out of the windows. Very satisfying sword swinging though.

Third game I played, I liked it and would love for it to be further pushed and made to something great 

I loved it. please make a full game!

Very good game.

Second that, moar please. :)


This is pretty awesome! While the melee seems pretty disincentivized due to the throw, it all feels pretty damn good! Clever interpretation of a shooter too!


more please,. .


good but the throw move beats everything

God, this is incredibly good. I would love a full game out of this.


The concept is great and the game is beautifully done =D


It's a fun concept :)

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